Government Relations

Government Relations


At the Rucker Law Firm, PLLC, we offer expertise in governmental relations and public affairs services, and an understanding of the government process, including the multiple levels and branches of government, and their impact on regulations affecting the business environment. At the intersection of business and government, we help private and public sector clients from companies to associations to non-profits, realize opportunities to advance their objectives and navigate the myriad challenges and obstacles of government.

A strong reputation and deep network of political connections and relationships on both sides of the aisle, and experience and skills in a range of governmental and public affairs services including direct lobbying, public policy development, political strategy, and public relations and messaging, we can consult and advise on legislative and regulatory processes to help achieve desired outcomes and provide solutions.

A background in business issues and strong relationships with the business community, along with experience in economic development and site selection services and knowledge of public finance, tax credit and incentive programs, makes us uniquely able to help corporate clients implement public sector strategies.

Knowledge and experience in public-private partnerships, coalition-building, stakeholder management and public outreach and relations, are all critical components of what it takes to advance your interests and meet your objectives.

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